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Video de Casa Vesalia | vacaciones en Vinaròs delante del mar!!!

Estás buscando pasar unos días de vacaciones o alquilar una temporada una casa y disfrutar vivienda delante del mar. Pues acabas de encontrar tu casa. Este video te dará una buena idea de lo que está por llegar. Reserva ahora tus vacaciones y ven a conocer la costa mediterránea.

You are looking to spend a few days on vacation or rent a house for a season and enjoy your home in front of the sea. Well, you just found your home. This video will give you a good idea of what is to come. Book now your holidays and come to know the Mediterranean coast.

Workation. Vacation while you work

We present you our monthly rental plan for the winter period.

Due to the growing demand for rental houses for longer periods, we present you all the available homes that you can reserve for your holidays in Vinaròs.

We offer you a selection of those vacation homes that meet all the criteria so that your stay is pleasant, comfortable and also productive if you want it.

And what are those criteria for us?

  • All the holiday homes that we offer you have heating. Essential in this winter season. Having a warm house with a pleasant temperature will make you truly enjoy your home both to relax and to work. 
  • Wi-Fi. As has become customary and for many years now, all of our vacation properties have an internet connection. 
  • The interior of your new workation home has to be a neat and comfortable space. We want you to feel like you are at home. 
  • An exterior in perfect condition. Even though it is winter, the Mediterranean climate of Vinaròs offers pleasant winters, with mild temperatures. On the many sunny days, you can surely also enjoy the garden or even have a barbecue
  • Vinaròs as a destination offers many advantages in this period of little tourist influx. Shops, restaurants and all services are open, but with tranquility and without crowds. Strolling through its pedestrian streets and shopping in local businesses is quite an experience.